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ODSC Orangeville - Collingwood Ride, April 13, 2002

ODSC rides tend to be primarily off-road trails, with road sections used to interconnect the trails. This ride was intended for those who prefer riding back roads - both paved and dirt - rather than trails, but it appears there aren't many club members interested in this type of ride. The list of possibles dwindled to 2 by the start time, and the rainy forecast reduced this to one for the ride!  Glad I decided to go - apparently it rained all day at home but was totally dry north from Georgetown, and even the sun showed up in late afternoon.  The goods news was that there were no line ups for pizza in Creemore!

Approaching Creemore
Pizza parking last week ...
... and this week
Heading to Terra Nova

The gear shifting was strange on my bike all day - the lever kept bending and just after I left Collingwood, it fell off.  3000 Km on a new bike and the lever completely fractured just as I was shifting into 2nd gear.  After several miles at 20 mph I found a friendly farmer with a welder that kindly obliged by welding it back together. Later, I checked the KLR mailing list on Yahoo Groups and found lots of guys have had this occur - guess this confirms "Shift Happens".

Top of Blue Mountain
Gimme a break!

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