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ODSC Orangeville Ride - April 7, 2002

19 riders braved the weather for the first club ride of the 2002 season. There were enough for two groups and Brian led the "slow" group with Ken looking for tougher stuff. Many of the trails were snowed covered and icy, and proved too tough for stock bikes - despite this the slow group still made it to the lunch break first!

Dave, Ken and Bruno at the start
Mark K on his DR350
Brian helping Gord
Pizza lunch
Lunch break in Creemore
Digby's new ride

After lunch, the KLR's headed home and we merged into one big group to tackle the snow covered hills on the way back to Orangeville.

Bruno (and Brian) trying to get a grip...
Wasn't this a ride?
Bob (the other one) showing how to do it

The Prez doesn't always do it :-)
Cole does ...
Stephen avoiding the icy water

All in all a good day's ride - hope it's warmer for the next one.

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