Mountain Biking in Arizona

Last Updated Mar 29, 2000

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AZ Spring Fling, Mar 16-19, 2000

Hawes, Phoenix

Lots of fast single-track, with tight and twisty rocky sections. A great climb and descent, with switchbacks, on the Mine trail.

Nonny on the Mine switcback..BobM (courtesy of Charlie America)..TBob on the Mine trail

South Mountain, Phoenix

A great park in the city for hiking and mountain biking. Rugged and steep with great city views on the mountain trails (National, Mormon, Javelina, Ridgeline), and fast single-track around the base on the Desert Classic Trail.

WickedGirl on the National Waterfall..BobM on the National (courtesy of Charlie America)..The National..TiggerRider on the National..CactusBoy on the Waterfall..Charlie America on the National


Sedona is indescribably beautiful and is almost a distraction while riding.  The trails vary from very easy - Bell Rock Path - to very technical - Casner Canyon Bloodbath !!  We rode intermediate to advanced trails with a great mixture of single-track, slickrock and climbs/descents.  Most of the tracks are fast and lots of fun.  I could ride here for ever and not get bored - guess that makes it a close second to Hilton Falls!

Meeting at Bell Rock..Playing on Buddah Beach Trail..BobM and Francis (Passion Webmeister) at the Sink Hole..Seven Sacred Pools..Submarine Rock..Tiny Tank from Montreal..Ready for an upgrade??..Submarine Rock..Soldiers Pass Trail..JimC from Vancouver..Kristian at Seven Sacred Pools..Charlie America rescued his Seven from the pool..JimC at Coffee Pot..Seven Sacred Pools..Chef on Soldiers Pass
CA and TT..CA and TT.A great picture by Charlie America.Charlie America at the Coffee Pot..The last ride back..CA and TT heading home
The day after Spring Fling

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Last Updated Mar 29, 2000