Mountain Biking in Arizona

Last Updated Feb 5, 2000

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Tucson - Jan 2000

Tucson Mountain Park, Jan - Feb

..Single-track at the copper mines..Golden Mountain..

Chiva Falls, Jan 22
Rode with Rudy, Mark, Smitty and Jon from the Sonoran Desert Mountain Bike Club.  I found these guys at under Tucson,Arizona and joined their club before we left Ontario.  Great bunch - excellent riders, especially climbing at 4000' - and they know where to get great post-ride burritos!

Sonora Desert Mountain Bike riders and BobM..Bob on a rocky climb..Ditto..Another SDMB visitor (from Vermont)!..Rudy flats at least 3 times a ride!

This trail was way steeper than the pic shows and the Jeep driver took a bad line, got wedged between the rocks and was still there when we left!

Jeep attempting impossible climb..Stuck between rock and hard place

Jon points out the line through The Chute to Rudy

Jon shows Rudy the line..Rudy ignores him, anyway..Too easy!

Santa Catalina Mountains, Tucson,  Feb 5th

  Another great ride with the SDMB club at Golder Ranch trails. This was rated a 'medium' ride and was mainly fast swoopy single track through cactus, sand and rocky trails.  No prolonged climbing this time, but some great downhills, especially The Chutes. Weather perfect again.

Peter, Jen, Jerry, Brandt (hidden), Eric, Dick, Gerrard, and Mark..Nice downhill singletrack..Jen riding (Quesnel Photography)..Bob climbing (Quesnel Photography)..Mark after hugging a cactus..Jen walking..This is NOT snow !

This fun technical uphill section stopped everyone, except one rider.  Click here to find out who cleaned it (twice)!

Dick's 3rd try at cleaning the tricky climb

Here's Brandt showing how to ride the drop-off.


No ride is complete without great burritos!!

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Last Updated Feb 5, 2000