Mountain Biking in Utah

Last Updated Mar 31, 2000

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Porcupine Rim, March 30
A four mile, 1000' climb on rocky jeep roads followed by an 11 mile, 3000' downhill to the Colorado River.  The top of the climb has a stunning vista from Porcupine Rim and most of the downhill is on rough jeep roads, unfortunately shared with these guys.  The last 3 mile is technical single track along a ledge on the canyon face, much of of overlooking the Colorado River, with lots of opportunities to stumble and fall several hundred feet into the canyon.  NOT a beginner trail!!  It had rained for the previous two days and was overcast today. Tomorrow is forecast for SNOW!

Porcupine Rim Trailhead..Porcupine Rim vista..This was MUCH steeper than it looks!..Evan from Boulder, CO..The trail is too close to the Colorado River!..Final stretch of the downhill single-track

Slick rock, March 31

A huge area of smooth rock and canyons right on the edge of town. The trails were originally developed by motorcycle riders in 1969 and are now open to mountain bikes also.  A white dotted line shows the way and the the trail has several very steep climbs and descents but the rock is incredibly grippy so there's nothing that's impossible.  There were some nice views of the Colorado River, although it was quite overcast and not good for pics.

The start of the Slickrock trail..Climbing..Follow the dotted line..Slickrock..Slickrock

Poison Spider, April 2

One of the most well-known trails in Moab that leads to the infamous Portal trail (a rider went over a 300' drop last year).  Unfortunately it seems to be a jeep trail and not too interesting for mountain bikes.  Lots of soft sand that's impossible to ride through and lots of rocks and slickrock that might be fun in a jeep but it didn't do much for me.  I turned back before the Portal Trail so perhaps it's that part that gives it its reputation (although the guys in Moab Cyclery said they didn't like Poison Spider either).

Poision Spider Trailhead..Rocky jeep roads..Sandy Jeep roads..Rocky and sandy jeep roads..Jeep roads with a view..The Colorado River through the Arch.

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