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I met a couple of guys that ride trials bikes and was invited to join them at Chiva Falls on Sunday (March 4th). It was a great day with a mixture of rough jeep roads and some serious rocks for the trials bikes. Mitch's girl friend, Laura, was learning to ride his Honda 200 - she did really well considering she went over the bars and broke the rear shock on the first downhill !!!
Chiva Falls, Rincon Mountains, Tucson, AZ
Mitch and Laura on the way to Chiva Falls
Bob on an easy trail
Mitch takes the hard route
Jim looking for harder lines
Mitch playing by the pool - balance is everything
Mitch on a tough rock step
Chiva Falls

There are lots of good trails in the Santa Rita Mountains, most of them on the east side.  As we are staying in the west end of Tucson, I usually get to the trails by heading over one of the passes - Gunsight Pass or Lopez Pass.  One of the best trails on the east side is the climb up to Menderez Pass (but the trail stops at the Widerness boundary) and the scary ride back down Trail 4039.  All the trails are numbered and signed so it's a breeze to find your way around here.

The start of Gunsight Pass trail
View from Lopez Pass

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