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U.S. Rides

We are spending the winter of 2000 in the SW of the USA.  The first month in Rockport, Texas was pretty uneventful, partly due to the cool, wet weather but mainly due to the uninspiring straight roads and no off-roading, except for Padre Island Beach.  We visited Hal and Gwen (Hal had got me started biking again after a 30 year layoff when he let me ride his Yamaha TW200 in Tucson last winter) and he had his Yamaha Virago with him - I got to ride in on Christmas Day!

Christmas Day in Texas

Moved on to Tucson on New Years Day, 2001 and planned to stay for 2 months and then head up the California coast from San Diego to San Francisco, before heading cross-country through Nevada, Utah, Colorado, etc, spreading that part of the trip over as further 6 weeks.  The area around Tucson is very mountainous and vast areas are open for all sorts of off-road activities.  Last year I did it on a mountain bike, but this year was going to be power-assisted!


Golder Ranch, Santa Catalina Mountains, Tucson, AZ
Trail to Charleau Gap
Rock steps along the trail
Golder Ranch and the Santa Catalina Mountains
Unusual to find water in AZ
The end of the ride
Santa Rita Mountains, Tucson, AZ
.... .. ....
The trail through Box Canyon
High plains in the east foothills
Gunsight Pass and a bikers final resting place
Helvetia Mine
Waterman Mountains, Tucson, AZ
The climb up to the old mine
At the top

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