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Pennsylvania, June 18-26, 2002
My riding season was rapidly drawing to a close as I was due to have knee surgery (to repair the severed PCL from my July 2001 Ganaraska accident) on July 4.  I'd heard Pennsylvania had nice hilly and twisty roads that were great for bikes so I decided this would be a good destination for my last rides.
We headed for Allegheny State Forest and found a campsite near Mount Jewitt, PA that seemed to be well located for both the forest access roads and the regular paved ones.  The roads were nice here - especially SR 666 - but the forest roads were mainly just straight gravel roads in dense forest, with no views. Stayed a few days and then moved on towards Corning, NY and the Finger Lakes.  Just before reaching Tioga, PA, we saw a really nice campground on a lake and pulled in to check it out. The nice thing about traveling mid-week is you get the nicest sites, so we ended up right at the water's edge and, after finding the area had endless great roads, we stayed here for the rest of the trip.  I covered at least 2000 km and didn't find anything but great bike roads - this is definitely on the "must return" list.  These pictures are all taken in Tioga County. 
Nice forest roads
.. just remember where you parked it!
Nice twisties ...

Nice scenery ...

Lots of blooms at the roadside 
.. and on the forest roads

More general pictures from this trip are on my travel pages.


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