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Coe Hill & Crystal Lake Trip May 21-26, 2002

Decided to spend a few days at Coe Hill before heading over to Ken Hoeverman's cottage at Crystal Lake for the "5 Rides Weekend".  If you've never been to this part of Ontario you have no idea what you are missing. I've lived in Ontario for over 30 years now and can't believe that I've never toured around here before Brian's "Hastings Ride" last October.  I'll be back whenever I get the chance as the roads, scenery, and trails are unbeatable. The weather was perfect at first - cool enough to keep the bugs down for a few days - but then warmed up a lot and, sure enough, the blackflies appeared in huge swarms. 
Loaded and ready to roll again..
The Gut, near Coe Hill, needed the DR350 to reach it

Never been to Algonquin Park before so took a trip over to Haliburton, Dorset, and then took Hwy 60 through Algonquin.  Long ride - over 500 Km - but with roads like this you hardly notice you've spent 12 hours on the bike.

Algonquin Park
.... .
Entering the Park
Lake of Two Rivers
Lunch break at Tea Lake
 Rock Lake Road

Red Rock Road, Round Lake
The Fire Tower at Dorset

Did anybody notice?
Burleigh Falls

Guiney Road
Old Hastings Road
How could you resist with a name like this?

Crystal Lake

After four days of glorious back roads - how about an ODSC "5 Rides RANT" in the Fall? - culminating on what I'd say is the absolute best bike road in Ontario (but that's my secret for now),  it was time to head for Crystal Lake, near Kinmount. The blackflies were impossible by now and I noticed the locals were all wearing bug jackets, so I picked one up at the gas station on the way to Ken's cottage.

Bob wearing his "screen door"
The start of Saturday morning's ride 

Dave, Bob, and Garry
Dave Griffiths doing the water crossing just off E108

Bob riding some mud/rocky sections on the way to Trappers Inn
Popsicle break at Trappers Inn. Gary, Dave and Garry

In the Saturday afternoon ride, I ended up with the "fast" guys after the rest of the group took a wrong turn.  These guys don't stop for pictures - sorry.  On Sunday I headed out on the KLR as the DR350 was out of action with a broken throttle cable.  It started out as a RANT, but I saw the Victoria Rail Trail so headed down there for a while and then saw the Ganaraska Snowmobile Trail so I headed up there to Minden. Toured around Carnarvon, Ox Narrows, Fort Irwin, and Haliburton on some great roads and then headed back for another blast down the "famous" Hwy 507 to wrap up a great 6 days of roads, trails, mud, rocks, water - Dual Sport riding at its best.

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