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California - 2003
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Updated Sept 24, 2003

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San Francisco
Sept 14 - 21, 2003
After spending almost two months at over 6000', we'd almost grown used to the thin air and cooler temperatures.  What a shock to the system when we stopped for a break near Sacramento - over 100F, high humidity and almost at sea level. Fortunately, our destination was San Francisco, and as we got near, the fog was rolling in and the temperature was plummeting.  The city seems to be at 65F summer and winter - and fog is just a fact of life, especially early morning and late in the afternoon. 

We chose an RV park a little south of San Francisco that was on Hwy 1 - Pelican Point at Half Moon Bay.  It was an ideal location - a quiet park surrounded by a cliff top golf course, luxury hotel and $M homes.  A 5 minute walk across the course took you to a beautiful beach and cliffs - perfect for sunset watching.  After reading the tour books, we decided the places to visit would include Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Fisherman's Wharf, the Aquarium, and take a ride on the cable cars up those incredibly steep hills. 

San Francisco
Half Moon Bay
The Golden Gate Bridge

Alcatraz Island
Some infamous inmates .....
Cell Block
Guard Tower

Highway 1, the Pacific Highway, was high on our priority list. We'd initially intended to drive the entire length of Highway 1 from Canada to Mexico with the truck and trailer - but when we rode the part just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, it was so twisty, narrow and bumpy that trucks and RV's are not allowed to use it. 

During our stay, we'd alternate between tourist stuff in San Francisco itself, and motorcycle rides - either north or south on Hwy 1, or back into the mountains - "canyon carving" as it's known in California. In many stretches of the coastal route, the road was carved out of the hillside, with big drops to the ocean - sometimes without guardrails!  Scary, but a beautiful drive!

The Pacific Highway, Hwy 1
North of San Francisco
Jenner Bay
Bodega Bay

Marin Headland
Bird Rock
Don't miss the turn!

After a week of great weather and trips, we head for the Monterey peninsula .....


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