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Utah and Nevada - 2003
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Updated Sept 17, 2003

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Moab, Utah and Reno, Nevada
Sept 6 - 14, 2003
We left Gunnison On September 6 and decided to change our planned route - we'd intended to go to Grand Teton and Yellowstone NPs, Wyoming and then to Glacier NP in Montana. This would mean we'd be in W. Canada until late October and spend November driving down the Pacific coast. One of the guys in the RV park was from Washington and told us the northern part of the Pacific Highway wouldn't be very nice at the time we'd planned to visit, so we decided to head straight for California and be there while the weather was still good.  Fortunately, the new route went close to Moab, Utah so a 30 mile detour let us spend time in one of my favourite places.  Moab is one of the top "off-road" destinations in the US and there's an endless supply of jeep roads, trails, and Slickrock. The Colorado River runs through Moab and Canyonlands NP, which is really a mini version of the Grand Canyon, which is only a couple of hundred mile south of here.
Moab and Canyonlands National Park
Heading into Canyonlands on Potash Road and the Shafer Trail.
The famous White Rim of the Colorado and Green rivers
Long Canyon.  This trail was washed out by a flash flood a few days earlier and was impassible on a KLR.

After leaving Moab, we headed for Salt Lake City to get on I-80 which runs across Utah, Nevada, and California, ending at San Francisco.  It also runs right through the salt flats where most land speed records are attempted on Bonneville Salt Flats.  Our next stop was at Reno, NV so that we could visit nearby Lake Tahoe.  Reno's a bit like Las Vegas and has numerous casinos - but at Reno you can just park your RV in their parking lot overnight for free, so many people stay there instead of an RV park. The buffets are a much better deal than at Vegas so we ate in the casino every day!  Just south of Reno is Carson City (named after Kit Carson) - Nevada's capital - and Virginia City which has been preserved from it's gold mining and cowboy days, with many original buildings from the 1800's still in use. Unfortunately, the old saloon bars have mainly been converted to modern casinos but they still have the original boardwalks and storefronts in many places.  Tahoe is a very beautiful area - the lake is at 8000' and is ringed by mountains and it's very popular for skiing, golf, boating and hiking.  It's also the location where the Bonanza TV series was shot.

Bonneville Salt Flats
Lake Tahoe

San Francisco ..... next stop

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