Nov 1, 2004 Our Trips page was last updated in April when we were leaving Tucson, after a 4 month stay.  We were going to visit Sante Fe, NM and then head to Ontario for a few weeks so we could visit family and friends, and then head off to the Maritimes for the summer.

That was the plan - the reality was that Sandy was very homesick and wanted to stay close to home all summer.  We found a nice spot at Emerald Lake RV Resort near Cambridge, Ontario and parked ourselves there for the summer season.

As the summer drew to a close, we still had a few medical issues to resolve so we put the trailer into storage and moved in with relatives until we were cleared to resume travelling.  For those who need to contact us, we are staying with Lynn and Ken in Mississauga.

July 20, 2003 The big day arrived! We “officially” left at 9pm Sunday evening after a big family get-together for Scott & Jenn - visiting from Gander, Newfoundland where Scott now works as an air traffic controller.

We will be stopping off at SunnyBrook RV in Middlebury, Indiana to pick up our recliner chairs and coffee table and then it’s full speed ahead for Colorado.

Check the “Trips” page for our progress.

June 22, 2003  The moving company came yesterday and took our furniture to storage - no turning back now! A few more days and we’ll be off - the new owners take possession of our home on June 27 ....

The one thing that stops us from being extremely sad about leaving our home is that we took delivery of a new 2003 SunnyBrook 31BWKS 5th wheel trailer on Tuesday and it’s now parked in our driveway - it’s our new home! For the next while, wherever the SunnyBrook is parked is where our home is!  It’s also where my garage is. The dealer, Can-Am RV in London, ON, added a custom-made rack for my motorcycle so now it’s really easy to load/unload the bike and be ready for riding within minutes of getting to a new park.  At least, that’s the theory - Sandy might have other ideas. 

We’d really like to send our thanks to the owners and staff at Can-Am - they made this purchase one of the most pleasant experiences we’ve had - they just couldn’t do enough to make sure we were happy with everything.  All we did was drive our truck, Jayco travel trailer and my motorcycle to their facility on Sunday, and when we returned on Tuesday in a car they loaned us, it was all ready to go with my bike on the rear - no worries, nothing - great job, guys!

Here’s a few pictures of the trailer the day we took delivery.

Andy Thompson, Can-Am President puts the finishing touches to the bike rack

Bob and Sandy take delivery of the ‘03 SunnyBrook 31BWKS

We arrive home ...

... and the bike’s still on!

It just fits the driveway with the triple slides opened

June 1, 2003 Most of you will now be aware that we sold our house and expect to move out around June 23rd.  Our itinerary is flexible, but it looks like we’ll be heading for Colorado for a month or so, before visiting Wyoming, Montana and then spending a couple of months in Alberta and BC. We’ll try to visit Vancouver Island before taking a slow trip down US Hwy 101 - the Pacific Highway. We’d like to take extended stops at San Francisco, Monterey/Big Sur (at least a month here), and San Diego, before heading to Tucson, Arizona for mid-December where we’ll stay at Desert Trails RV Park for about 3 months. Where do we go next - we’ve got no idea ....

That’s the first 6000 miles and this is the map ...

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