Hastings is now a 2 year old tabby, with strong Maine Coon heritage. He has a beautiful silky medium-length coat and an incredible raccoon-like tail.  We were camping in Hastings County, Ontario when he decided to adopt us, probably preferring that to his life as a six month old stray. We had him neutered and chipped, hes fully up to date with shots, etc and is very fit and healthy. His life is very full right now as he has free access to the outdoors and loves to spend his time in the ravine behind our home.  Wed prefer hed leave the wildlife alone, but hes a cat and catching mice is his goal.  Hes very social and loves being around people but hes not a lap cat.

We dont want to give him up but he just wouldnt survive our long trip in the RV around N. America.

Please contact us at 905 827-9293 if you can provide a good home for Hastings.

Update July 3, 2003:

Hastings has to be the luckiest cat ever!  We had no success finding someone to adopt him so the day before we moved out of our home we were forced to take him to Oakville Humane Society, where we hoped theyd find him a good home. Within a couple of days he was adopted by a lady on a farm near the town of Hastings (!) who needed a good hunting cat. She already has a dog and two other cats and Hastings seems to be fitting in well. Hell live in the barn, but can sleep in the house whenever he likes and will be well cared for.  We are so relieved he has found a great home - thanks to the wonderful people at Oakville Humane Society who made this happen.

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