Thereís a new twist to Dual Sport bike rides for 2003 - the Kawasaki GPS series.  This promises to be of interest to those riders that donít want the full off-road rides of the regular Kawi DS rides. They are aiming the events at larger dual sport bikes - like KLRís - and will be held over back roads and forest access roads - no single track - but all navigation will be by GPS - no more arrowed routes.

To prepare for participating in this series, I recently got a Garmin eTrex GPS and Iím spending a lot of time learning the ins and outs of GPS. An area of great interest to me is GPS Mapping.  There are numerous products available and Iím currently reviewing several, including the mapping software from the two major GPS manufacturers, Garmin and Magellan.  To find out more about the Garmin Mapsource and Magellan Mapsend map accuracy, click on the image below..

More reviews will follow - check back again

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