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Vancouver - Las Vegas, Oct - Dec 2003

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Vancouver, BC
Oct 14 - Nov 29, 2003
Our stay in Vancouver was intended as a "rest period" and we knew the weather wouldn't be ideal so we had no travel plans for this stopover.  This was fortunate as we alternated between flooding and freezing as freak weather hit the west coast. We took in a couple of Dog Shows to check out a few breeds in preparation for getting another dog after this trip; we went to the Christmas House Tour; we had a nice trip to Horseshoe Bay and had brunch at one of our favourite restaurants - the Boathouse; and we met up with a great group from the Dualsport Riders Club of BC.  They took me on a ride to Harrison Lake, and we met with them several times socially. Our thanks go to their President, Tom Timmerman, for the great hospitality and invites to his home for dinner.  One thing about motorcycling is that it seems to form an immediate bond between like-minded individuals. 
The Island ferry at Horseshoe Bay, and brunch at The Boathouse.
Dualsport BC ride to Harrison Lake, and the washout bridge
Christmas House tour

Drive from Vancouver to Las Vegas
Nov 30 - Dec 5, 2003
We decided to cut short our two month stay in Vancouver and head south for nicer weather.  The weather was a bit iffy in Oregon and the Siskiyou Pass at the Oregon/California state line was restricted to vehicles with chains, so we took I-5 to Grants Pass and then headed for the California coast at Crescent City.  This route took us close to Oregon Caves National Park so we diverted to it.  The timing was perfect - it was their last day of operation and we got a personal guided tour of the underground caverns. December on the coast is unpredictable, but we had good weather all the way to L.A., despite gloomy forecasts of rain. On our first visit to Monterey, we didn't know Laguna Seca had an RV Park until after we'd checked in at Moss Landing so we took the opportunity to stay there a couple of nights.  Track-day (public practice) sessions were on both days and we could just wander around the racetrack and the pits to watch the action - what a beautiful sound those Ducati V-twins have!  Pinnacles National Park was nearby so we went for a hike there, and then visited Carmel-by-the-Sea again. Continuing the trip, we stayed on Hwy 1 all the way to Los Angeles and then headed for Las Vegas, staying overnight at Acton, CA.  The RV park was close to the Angeles National Forest so I took a quick ride into the mountains before heading to Vegas later that day. 1700 miles in 5 days - that's a leisurely pace for us!

Limestone formations in Oregon Caves.
Sunrise at Laguna Seca, and the early morning mist.
Hiking at Pinnacles National Park
Hwy 1 near Big Sur
Early morning ride in Angeles NF

Las Vegas, NV
Dec 5 - 12, 2003
Ken and Lynn were holidaying in Las Vegas from Dec 5 - 14 so we decided to detour on our way to Tucson and join them.  They've been going to Vegas once or twice a year for the last 15 years so we couldn't ask for better guides to show us the sights.  While we were there, Sandy went shopping with Lynn a couple of times and that gave me the chance to visit the Auto Museum with Ken and to take a couple of bike rides. In general, the roads around LV are too straight to be interesting for bike rides, but the exception was the road through Lake Mead Recreation Area to the Valley of Fire - great ride!

Paris Casino
Ken's favourite cars in the Auto Museum
The road to the Valley of Fire

Death Valley, NV
You could get bored to Death (Valley)
Arriving at Death Valley
Dante's Peak is 5600' above the valley floor
Nearing the lowest point in the US
Coloured deposits along Artists Drive

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