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Ontario Rides

Another ODSC ride, the first of the 2001 season for me, was in Oakville on a rainy Saturday - April 21st.  Turns out the rain didn't matter because the river was so deep we got soaked crossing it numerous times.  Bruno (XT225), John Hubbard and his track-racing buddy, Ravu, (on his second off-road ride), both on 650 KLRs, turned out for the ride.

Bruno, Ravu, and John
John blasts through
Bob in the deep end
Bruno washing his bike !
Ravu washing his boots !

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A new ODSC member, Luis, offerred to show us some private trails on Sunday April 22. There was a mixture of fast open trail, twisty single-track, railway tracks, and  jumps.  Not many Kms but enough track for a few hours of fun, and it was in Mississauga! Bob (DR350), Steven (DRZ400), Sam (DR360), Roger (DR650) and Luis (XR200) together with Luis' son and friends rode.   April 29th was Lynn Valley's Beagle Bash Enduro and Trail ride at Turkey Point.  There was a good turnout of ODSC riders, including Ken and Steve from Oakville on their brand new DRZ400S's.

Mississauga Trails
Luis' son
Beagle Bash
Ken, Bob and Steve

Another trip to 16 Mile Creek, another soaking!  Great fun!  Saturday May 5, 2001.

Bob (DR350)
Bring your rod - there's Rainbow Trout here
Bruno (XT225)
Still haven't 'cleaned' this crossing

Eight ODSC riders showed up at Ganaraska on Sunday May 6.  It was a tough day for some - Sam punched a hole in his "new" XR250 after a dramatic downhill endo on the big sandhill, his bike landing on the only rock in Ganaraska. Red Green (a.k.a. Bart) showed us how to convert a Coke can, electrical tape, 2 rubber bands and 4 zip ties (what, no duct tape?!) into an effective oil seal.   Luis hit a tree and broke his gear shifter and a finger - ouch!. Gary's Kawi quit, fortunately it was only a fouled plug - much to Bart's disapointment as he was ready to do a complete carb re-build!  Near the end of the ride Bart demonstrated the raw power of his YZ426 by stripping the teeth off his gearbox sprocket while wheelie-ing for the camera!

Jason, Luis, Dave and Gary, with Bart pleading to strip down Gary's Kawi !!

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